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We are the best resort limo transportation
service in the Colorado
mountain area.
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We have been servicing the Colorado Resort area for 8+ years. Our drivers are experienced Colorado mountain resort drivers and have trained in the region for decades before being employed with Sherpa Mountain Express. All drivers and vehicles are bonded and insured. Our fleet is inspected daily and maintained on a meticulous schedule. We have an exceptional safety record and take pride in getting all of our clients to their destination quickly and safely and at the best price possible.
   Our Company is family owned and operated. Our owner operator drivers are from Nepal and executed the duties of the Sherpa as mountaineering and tour guides in the most rugged and desolate areas in the region of Everest. They bring their experience and survival instincts to the Colorado mountains with a professional and dedicated level of experience, unrivaled by any other transportation company in the area.